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  • "Buck is so inspirational and full of positive energy, care and love. He actively helps break down barriers and helps people process their fears and prejudices. He truly is an angel”–Catherine Fitzgerald Artistic Director Feast Festival Adelaide Australia, November 2014

  • "Dublin is still abuzz with talk of Buck Angel and Sexing The Transman. Without a doubt, you were the most popular, exciting, influential and inspiring guest of GAZE 2012. Thank you so much for travelling, for delivering 'The Buck Angel Effect' and for sharing Sexing The Transman with us." –David Mullane Festival Programmer 2012 Dublin International LGBT Film Festival

  • "When I was the Director of Programming for ideaCity in 2010, Buck was one of my presenters and not only was he a charm to work with, he wow'ed the audiences and gave an excellent talk. He holds an amazing energy and is such a wonderful person to have by your side. Highly recommended on my behalf." – Ashley Deland, IDEACITY10 Toronto Canada

  • "As Social Activism Chair of Pride Alliance at Washington University in St. Louis, I helped bring Buck to my school for Trans* Awareness Week. His renown brought in the biggest audience of all of the events, and his presence kept every single person listening and engaged. Behind the stage, he's a wonderful communicator and always willing to help in any way possible. All around recommended." –Wolf Smith, hired Buck as a Speaker in 2011

  • "Buck Angel, my most memorable guest of Season Five.” –Tyra Banks, The Tyra Banks Show

  • "For the record, I think Buck Angel is one of the coolest people I've ever met and I've been wanting to interview him for years. He is a true icon of individuality and I think most people wish they could be more like him. Simply put, Buck Angel is amazing."–San Francisco Guardian